Problema con Internet explorer 7 e il login – ie7 login problem

The problem – Il problema :

I go to a login area on a webpage and enter my username and password.
click login
and the page just refreshes and does not go to the page it should display.

In pratica provo a fare il login ma mi ricompare la pagina di login senza nessun messaggio di errore
e senza accedere al sito richiesto.

Solution – Soluzione:

Innanzi tutto il problema dovrebbe verificarsi solo se non seguite le istruzioni di installazione alla lettera
ed in particolare il seguente avviso:

In pratica durante l’installazione occorre disabilitare (meglio disinstallare l’antivirus)

Comunque questa dovrebbe essere la soluzione definitiva:

It was as you suspected – a conflict with security software.
I can now log in to this site using IE7.
The conclusion I have come to is that Windows Update was set to automatic, thus the upgrade to IE7 was installed automatically
while McAfee Internet Security was running and this must have caused a conflict.
It was not sufficient simply to disable McAfee but to uninstall it,
although I have not been able to install it completely.

The Privacy service won’t install but I think Windows Defender will substitute for this.

While it is not a problem with IE7 specifically, there is a problem with the installation instructions.

During IE7 download and installation there needs to be an alert requiring uninstallation of security software
and disconnection from the network before installation in order to maintain protection throughout the upgrade process.

Hope this helps other users and thanks very much for your help.

[this help was fount on a news group and was published by David – Thank you]

In pratica occorre disinstallare l’antivirus e provare a usare ie7.
Se ancora non funziona riavviare il pc.
Se non funziona ancora disintallare ie7 e re-installarlo seguendo le istruzioni di Microsoft.
Dopo aver re-installato tutto dovrebbe funzionare correttamente.